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10 off-the-beaten-path travel destinations to visit in 2020

  • Intrepid Travel, the world’s largest small-group adventure travel company, has released its fourth annual “Not Hot” list, highlighting off-the-beaten-path and emerging destinations to visit in 2020.
  • This year’s list ranges from the “Galápagos of the North,” an untamed archipelago off the coast of British Columbia, to the deserts of northern Sudan.
  • The purpose of the list is to help travelers experience new destinations without the crowds and to lessen the effects of overtourism.
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Egypt is known as the land of the pyramids; yet northern Sudan is home to more than twice as many.

And while the Galápagos are known as the world’s premier wildlife refuge, the lesser-known Haida Gwaii, a mountainous archipelago off the coast of British Columbia, is an equally prime destination for wildlife viewing.

North Sudan and Haida Gwaii are two of the destinations on Intrepid Travel’s 2020 “Not Hot” list, a collection of underrated and emerging destinations for travelers looking to venture off the beaten path and escape the crowds. of tourists.

Intrepid Travel, the world’s largest small-group adventure travel company, specializes in responsible tourism and offers more than 1,500 trips to 120 countries on seven continents.

In recent years, destinations such as Dubrovnik and Venice have buckled under the weight of overtourism, enacting a ban on new restaurants and limiting incoming cruise ships respectively to limit the number of visitors. In 2018, Croatia, which has a population of 4 million, received 57 million overnight visitors, and Italy, a country of 62 million, received 93 million overnight visitors.

Intrepid CEO James Thornton noted that increased climate awareness in recent years has led travelers to become more aware of their impact on the destinations they visit.

“Tourists want to ensure that they benefit the communities they visit and the local people they meet, while respecting their cultures, their economy and the environment,” he said in a statement. “The Not Hot List aims to meet this growing demand and promote lesser-known destinations that are just as deserving of travelers’ time.”

Here are Intrepid Travel’s 10 low-key destinations recommended for 2020, in no particular order: