To cope with the cost of a move, there are several financing options, depending on the reason for the move. For professional removals, you can use Mobilis-Go or Polsa Worsa. For family reasons, CAF offers its help. For others, there is the option of credit or reselling his furniture.

Relocations are often a difficult step in life.

Relocations are often a difficult step in life.

Whether for family reasons, with the arrival of baby, for professional reasons, just a desire to change air or more sadly after a divorce, the moves always involve significant expenses.

The move is always a delicate operation, to prepare with care. We can often get help from family and friends, but for some items, it is better to let the professional movers , who will have the experience, the time, the truck and the packing material. In short, it’s their job, not to mention the insurance they have in case of breakage. But it’s expensive. How to pay them, when we already have a new rent or mortgage to pay and expenses related to the change of address among others?

It takes, to be entitled to the premium move:

  • move between the first day of the calendar month following the third month of pregnancy and the last day of the calendar month preceding the last two years of the last child.
  • You are entitled to an allowance for your new home (Apl or Alf).

The amount of the premium paid by the Caf is equal to the expenses actually incurred for the move, up to a limit of 978.82 euros for 3 dependent children, 1060.39 euros for 4 children and 81.57 euros per child in addition.

It is necessary, of course, to have the right, keep all the documentation of expenses related to the move, such as the rental of the van if you made the move yourself or the invoice of the professional mover.

The MSA (Social Security Agricultural) also offers a moving bonus, similar in all respects to the help of CAF.

Employment Center: mobility aids

If you are unemployed, and no longer receive compensation from the employment center, or if you receive AER (Return to Employment Assistance Allowance) or less, you can benefit from help to go to an interview. hiring or to start a new job. This requires that the job be more than 60 km return from his current home or more than two hours of transportation back and forth. It can help with travel, meals and accommodation. To find out more, you have to talk to his Polsa Worsa advisor.

Moving tax credit

We will all remember the disastrous example of the tax credit move , which was so flowing ink at the time. This tax credit allowed those who relocated for professional reasons to obtain a tax credit of 1500 euros, which was very nice. But there were many closures to this tax credit, which had not been properly completed. As a result, 80% of those who had benefited from this tax credit received a letter stating that they had to repay the money they had received “unfairly” because they did not meet the criteria.

From now on, these are expenses deductible to the real wages and salaries, and only if this move was for professional reasons.

MarKet’s review


It is not necessarily worth paying a fortune to move if our furniture is of little value.

A move is an expense of money often substantial. Little known, however, the many moving aids are there to simplify the mobility of people looking for work, or who have to change housing when the family is growing.

Some aids are even without means test.

The mobility aids for professional reasons are to be sought on the side of Action Logement and the Mobilis-Go in priority, as well as the departmental council and the FSL. Assistance for moving for family reasons should be requested from the CAF and CAS of his municipality.

Finally, there is always the possibility of making a loan, but always after having carefully studied if the furniture that one wants to move is really worth the cost compared to the costs of a move.


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